Why do you choose this course?

Welcome-back 2020 for second year IMEF’s students

The Master of Science in IMEF, totally taught in English, is the evolution of the English curricula of the Master Degree MAFIB. IMEF is a two-year learning experience that approaches the dynamics of international management, entrepreneurship, and finance. This Master Degree trains students to develop hard and soft skills necessary to become successful managers, entrepreneurs, analysts and consultants.
IMEF offers an international environment, providing the opportunity for students to work with international colleagues, professors and managers: more than 20 professors of MAFIB come from primary international universities all over the world: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France and, of course, Italy.
IMEF has strong relationships with Italian and Foreigns firms: each year, students participate in more than 55 internships all over the world (in the EU, in the USA, in Africa and Oceania).
Thus, in line with the job market requirements, students will learn how to effectively work in multicultural economic, social and financial contexts.


The students can choose between two different curricula:

  1. Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Social Change (MEMS) focuses on entrepreneurship, business innovation strategy, management decision, global leadership, change management, digital marketing management and new social models of consumption. Students will develop the ability to solve complex problems in multicultural contexts in order to become future more conscious entrepreneurs, managers and consultants.
    Coordinator: Prof. Daniela Andreini and Prof. Mara Bergamaschi 
  2. Management and Finance for International Marlets (MAFIM) focuses on international trade management, international business management, corporate finance, risk management  and quantitative data analysis for finance. Students will develop skills and abilities to recognize new opportunities in international markets, to analyse them and take the proper decision, to quickly adjust commercial and financial strategies, to adapt to changes in international business practices.
    Coordinator: Prof. Cristina Bettinelli and Prof. Davide Castellani

IMEF is addressed to students who seek a multidisciplinary and international managerial preparation (finance, international trade, international business, management, Leadership & HRM, marketing and entrepreneurship) and an environment where to develop multidisciplinary competences, operative and behavioural skills through training and hands-on learning.


The teaching methods applied in IMEF aim to develop innovative quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, together with the ability to work in multicultural contexts, the strategies to operate in global markets, the strategic and operative tools to operate in the financial institutions. For this reason, in all courses instructors will adopt innovative and dynamic training activities, such as laboratories, simulations, speeches and case studies. Moreover, in specific courses and programs, companies will actively participate with students, working together to co-develop new knowledge and skills.