ARPM Bootcamp

The MSc in INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND FINANCE , in partnership with ARPM, offers the ARPM Bootcamp as one of its courses as elective or in alternative to Credit and operational risks measurement and Risk Management and Derivatives, assigning 9 CFU upon successful completion of the final exam.

The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp is an intense training that:

  • Provides a broad overview of modern quantitative finance, across asset management, banking and insurance
  • Enables understanding of inter-relationships between topics across theory and implementation

ARPM Bootcamp

ARPM BOOTCAMP at Uni Bergamo

Held at Uni Bergamo 

Teaser: October 2019 - January 2020 (deadline enrollment: 26th September 2019)

Full course: March 2020 - June 2020 (enrollment: from 1st January 2020)

 The ARPM Bootcamp is delivered at UniBergamo, leveraging ARMP's online platform, with embedded, theory, case studies, data animation, documentation, code (Python, R, Matlab), slides, and more. 

The class will meet weekly in flipped classroom format.

Attendance is free of charge for all  UniBergamo  students. Registration is mandatory, following the 2 steps at this link.


Presentation of the ARPM Bootcamp at Uni Bergamo: Monday 23th september 2019,  2:30 pm, Via dei Caniana, room 14. 

For further information: prof. Rosella Giacometti  



The process of registration at UNIBG is the following: click here and fill the form ('First Name', 'Last Name', 'Email Address').

Please use your University Email Address.


The process of opening accounts on ARMP is the following: click here --> click on the 'Login' button and fill out the information prompted--> click on the activation link that will be emailed to you automatically upon opening the account. It takes 3-5min to go through this process.


Held in New York on August (6 days)

50 hours of instruction (37 hrs lectures + 13 hrs review sessions).
The ARPM Bootcamp program includes:

  • data science and machine learning;  multivariate statistics and econometrics
  • financial analytics, market, credit & liquidity risk management;
  • factor modeling, alpha-beta signals, portfolio construction and optimization
  • algorithmic trading, systematic strategies, portfolio insurance, drawdown control, optimal trade execution


Upon enrolling in the ARPM Bootcamp, access to the ARPM Lab is provided.

The Bootcamp fee for our students is $1,100

ARPM partners with the sponsoring Firm in Milan  provide merit based scholarships that turn into mandatory internship for a chosen student. The scholarships provided cover the Bootcamp fee and some of the traveling expenses. You can apply for this opportunity at The scholarships' assignment is decided by the sponsoring Firm.

For further information: prof. Rosella Giacometti